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HR said, “Let’s fire her!

We had a secretary who made a mistake that cost us a contract worth $$$

It was her 2nd mistakes in less than two weeks.

I was not happy about this so I held a meeting with the HR team.

Our records showed she was one of our top performers.

“How come she had declined?” I asked.

They had no clue. Instead, they suggested we fire her.

I don’t think that would’ve been the best solution.

I decided to invite her for coffee. I asked her to join me at our usual place.

Immediately she showed up.
I had barely said anything when she broke into tears.

“Please don’t fire me! I know I am performing below par.”

I was moved with compassion. I asked, what is going on.

She opened up, I’ve been having a turbulent time at home, I stay with an abusive partner who doesn’t care about my job. And my only son is sick, my partner is not helping at all.
I consoled her and asked if she’d want to take a break to sort things out.

She agreed. I granted her two-week break and paid her for the weeks as well.

The following weeks, she came back better and has performed excellently since then.

Leadership is about understanding & empathy. Employees are human.

“When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true”

Be Human. It is actually very important to respond carefully to an employee’s mistake. Employers have to understand that their employees have a life outside office also where they might be going through some crisis which is affecting their performance.

Treating right & supporting when required is the key to employee’s motivation & morale making him/ her more grateful for the company and thus increase in productivity.

Best part is instead of jumping to conclusion you took step to know what is actually reason behind her performance.

Leadership is not only limited to leading and getting things done at time but its all about to make best team and understand teammates.

Such quality exists rare now a days.

Afterall, Employee – Employer relationship is a two way street my dear Friends 👍

God Bless !!

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